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3月10日、東京高裁で東京「日の丸・君が代」処分取消訴訟(一時訴訟・原告168名、1名が減給、167名が戒告)の控訴審判決が下された。(東京高裁第2民事部 大橋寛明裁判長)
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Restaurer la confiance des Quebecois envers leurs politiciens - La constitution d’une democratie

Julien Fortier, participant au Sommet Generation d'idees, les 27 et 28 novembre 2010, repond aux...

Grassroots video distribution - from ruffcuts to visionOntv

How to build a ;sustainable

Forum de Solidarité Rurale du Québec - Au-delà de la carte électorale, la démocratie

Claire Bolduc, présidente de Solidarité Rurale du Québec, Benoît Pelletier, ancien ministre libéral...

The City is Ours

Rally to end the housing crisis.

WWF Film News No.1 (1956)

While Australian commercial newsreels depicted the Royal visit and the Redex Car Trial, and ran...

UN 1325 Engage Understand Act

The first animation of UN1325: the first formal and legally binding instrument from the United...

Click Goes The Shears (1956)

Click Goes The Shears was the second and last the be made in the Link - "Land of Australia" series...

END:CIV Trailer

END:CIV examines our culture’s addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and...

What is visionOntv and why is it important?

This was ;record

Stand Up, Take Action 2009

In 2009, more than 173 million people, in more than 100 countries at over 3000 events, STOOD AND...

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