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TXFeed Standard

TXFeed Standard

If you create a video podcast and make it available as a
Media RSS feed, it means that your video can be included on the websites of other people and organisations. They can include not only a link to your website, but the description of the video, a thumbnail of the video and a direct link to the file.



However our network is going one step beyond and working on
our own metadata standard. What this means in the short term is that we are creating a custom media feed. We call this the TXfeed. (TX means transmission)

How to create a TX Feed

Here is the TXFeed standard we are working on now TXFeed standard 0.9

And so you know what it looks like, here is a link to a working TXFeed EngageMedia's TX feed

Why create a Metadata standard and Feed

Aha, that's a good question! Isn't life hard enough? Well there are some good reasons.

It's easier to make

MediaRSS feeds are harder to create than our TXfeeds. Ours are pretty simple in structure and we're working on good technical help files.

Control of our Feeds

If we control the Feed standard we use we'll be able to adapt it to our needs and new tools that are created. At the moment most people use the mediaRSS standard to distribute video but this doesn't do exactly what we need it to do. We need to be able to swap all the information in our video database systems, including full descriptions and linked subtitle files.

Keeping a track of our Videos and Subtitles

Look at the example of a very popular activist video. Very soon many versions of the same video will be winging around the Internet. Many translations will also be made. Also before too long no-one is really sure if they are allowed to be using the file or not. And the person who made it may want to change their mind about who is allowed to distribute it. Currently there is no way to refer from a video file back to a page where all of this licencing and subtitle information is kept.

What we really need is a support for a repository of subtitles through a unique identifier and more flexible licencing information. Implementing the TX metadata standard in our feeds won't solve this yet but it's an important first step.

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