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EngageMedia's Open Strategy Workspace

We're opening up our strategic planning to you! If you've had an interest in EngageMedia, or perhaps you've participated in one of our workshops and events and would like to contribute to how we evolve, join us in our "Open Strategy Workspace".

EngageMedia's Open Strategy Workspace contains notes and outcomes from our various Focus Group Discussions, including staff and management meetings and soon, the results of our strategic planning survey.

Meet us here, at the Open Strategy Workspace... We're about to launch a blog here where we'll be able to discuss our plans. It'll be a moderated space so keep it articulate, critical if need be and productive.

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Camp Sambel

Please scroll down for English version.

Sama-sama belajar! June 16-19, 2010. Malang, Jawa Timur.

EngageMedia akan mengadakan sebuah camp distribusi video untuk para aktivis dari Indonesia, Malaysia dan Timor Leste. Camp Sambel akan mengumpulkan peserta untuk mengeksplorasi dan mengembangkan cara distribusi video mereka, termasuk strategi dan teknologi.

Camp Sambel adalah salah satu ajang ngumpul bareng bagi mereka yang ingin berbagi. Peserta akan ikut menentukan program yang berjalan tetapi yang pasti akan ada presentasi proyek terkini, pelatihan tentang strategi distribusi dan kampanye, kompresi dan uploading video, diskusi tentang distribusi independen dan lisensi, pemutaran video, juga sebuah 'open sauce' sambal festival di dapur kita.. Sebagian besar kegiatan Camp Sambel akan menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia.

Kami mencari aktivis pembuat video, distributor, organisator, dan pengembang web/situs jaringan dari Indonesia, Malaysia dan Timor Leste. Jika Anda seorang pembuat video, seharusnya karya Anda sudah dipublikasikan secara online, atau berencana untuk mempublikasikan secara online, atau memiliki minat dalam publikasi video online. Anda seharusnya telah memiliki karya dengan tema sekitaran keadilan sosial, lingkungan atau media demokrasi. Semoga Anda juga memiliki strategi dan ketrampilan untuk ditularkan kepada orang lain.

EngageMedia akan menanggung sebagian besar biaya perjalanan bagi peserta yang terseleksi dan menyediakan makanan serta akomodasi selama acara berjalan. Bagaimanapun juga, biaya sebesar Rp 150,000,- dibebankan kepada peserta sebagai dukungan kecil demi berlangsungnya acara.

Mengisi formulir online di http://transmission.cc/aplikasi-sambel

Kami sangat menyarankan rekan-rekan perempuan dan yang tinggal di luar wilayah perkotaan untuk mendaftar.
Apabila ada pertanyaan tentang proses applikasi atau apa saja yang berkaitan dengan Camp Sambel, hubungi alexandra@engagemedia.org

Camp Sambel didukung oleh the Ford Foundation dan the Open Society Institute.


June 16-19, 2010. Malang area, East Java.

EngageMedia will be conducting a video distribution camp for Indonesian, Malaysian and East Timorese video activists from June 16th to 20th, 2010.
The camp will be held near Malang, East Java, and will bring together key cultural groups and individuals to discuss, share skills and collaborate around digital video distribution.

Camp Sambel is a meeting of peers where everyone brings something to contribute. The program will largely be determined by participants but will definitely include presentations of current projects, strategic distribution and campaigning, workshops on compressing and uploading video, discussions about independent distribution and licensing, film screenings and an 'open sauce' sambal festival. Camp Sambel will be conducted primarily in the Indonesian language.

We're looking for activist video makers, distributors, organisers and web-developers from Indonesia, Malaysia and East Timor. If you are a video maker you should already have published online, or attempted to publish online, or have a keen interest in publishing online. You should be making work around the themes of social justice, the environment or media democracy. You should also have strategies for passing the skills you learn on to others.

To apply to attend you need to fill out the online form at http://transmission.cc/aplikasi-sambel

We particularly encourage women and those working outside urban centres to apply.
If you have any questions about the application form or the event please contact alexandra@engagemedia.org

EngageMedia will cover the travel costs of selected participants.
There is, however, a small attendance fee of rp150,000 to help cover costs such as food an accommodation.

Camp Sambel is supported by the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Institute.

VideoChronic: Video Activism and Distribution in Indonesia


EngageMedia and Kunci Cultural Studies Center are pleased to announce the launch of Videochronic. This publication is the result of a collaborative research project charting how activists are engaging with video technologies in Indonesia, addressing some of the issues of technology-mediated social movements, and exploring the potential and limitations of online video distribution.

The past decade in Indonesia has seen a dramatic increase in the use of video as a social change tool by community, campaign and activist organisations. Access to the tools for producing and distributing video have become increasingly democratised over this period.

But how are video activists taking to using new video distribution technologies? Beyond the hype how are these tools being used on the ground? This research explores how social change video work is currently being distributed in Indonesia, from VCD to vodcasting, Creative Commons to Copyright, and considers how are activists might approach distribution in the future.

This 140 page book presents both English and Indonesian versions of the research as well as colour illustrations including a visualisation of the development of video activism and online video.

The research can be downloaded as PDF or hard copies may be ordered.

Full details at

Seeking new partner(s) for Drupal Media Aggregation

Greetings Transmitters

It's been quiet on some of the technical front over the (british) summer - preferring to be out in the wildness, sun, rain and wind and mud..... but now I for one am back in town - for a bit anyway. so the ongoing work in this 'ere online 'field' deserves a little recounting here.

Finn from Ecobee, plus Peter Chowla, Hadiru Mahdi and I met lately at Bretton Woods Project offices. we noted that

* the Drupal aggregation and media sharing tools we created for IFIwatch.TV, RethinkingFinance.org and ChalkTalk! are basically working well.

* having a good looking website that is updated automatically with new material from partners is a wonderful thing,

* the networks we are part of definitely need more of this kind of thing..

* we would like to carry on our work in this general direction

we do not however have a lot of

* capacity in our networks for the kind of work now needed to improve user-interface etc

* active participation from partners adding content and moderating feeds

* returning audience, or idea what might make more of the existing audience return

* engagement on the sites eg with comments, discussion etc.

* time, energy or money to make the required improvements happen

* understanding how best to use yahoo Pipes or other (OS?) tools systematically and hence effectively to filter media and other feeds for relevance.

so, we reviewed some developments that could be adopted, eg

* turning around the registration process so that users are first offered the opportunity to (comment, add material, whatever) and only then invited to register

* using the new 'helpinject' module to add help (text, video, whatever) at the point of need

* creating simpler, cleaner forms,

* using a crawler to fetch metadata from an existing online resource just by pasting an url

* using a widget to transform social bookmarks created in other platforms into a feed that can be sucked..

* general improvements in user interface promised for Drupal 7

* exploring potential of income from ads eg using Ethical Junction

and decided that BWP would recruit a young whizzkid intern who would work (from home, or with me) on a larger scale funding application, to pay for (inter alia)

* oversight and co-ordination of continued development and implementation of these tools

* technical development in response to current needs and future user feedback

* work on the user interface for content presentation, addition and admin

* editorial moderation over the coming years.

so, in short, we are going to push ahead as best we can because this work is *very much* needed for the IFIwatching community (working on the global justice aspects of the financial crisis, plus reforming the environmental, social and other failures of international public investment), as well as countless other projects who can share in any gains we make in the function and usability of free media sharing software.

we are not attached to any prospective funding flowing through BWP, nor to the technical oversight work being done by BWP (which has a policy focus and whose office is now too full anyway for any more staff) .. and we would be very happy to collaborate with other friendly organisations and/or networks who may be in a position to raise/channel/share any funds for relevant technical development - and perhaps to oversee that side of the work.

the job description for the techy 'whizzkid' we would like to hire (as a volunteer in the first instance) can be seen here

please note that the deadline has now been extended for a short period, so please send any recommendations/applications for the role as soon as possible. This is a very 'live' progressive tech project with real world impacts already and enormous potential for more, it's very much not 'dreamware' and if you're bright, experienced, connected and keen to push these particular boundaries, we'd love to have you on board..


Plone Video Sprint - Budapest

­EngageMedia is pleased to announce a Plone Video sprint at this years Plone Conference in Budapest, Hungary. The 4 day sprint will be an opportunity for developers to collaborate on open video technologies around the Plone CMS. The sprint will take place from 31st October 2009 to 3rd November 2009, directly after the conference.

Online video has exploded in recent years, being a major source of the “web 2.0” boom. YouTube, Yahoo Video and other video sharing spaces have been celebrated for making major advances in facilitating citizen media. Despite their success however there are many limitations to these proprietary platforms, such as YouTube’s limit on video size, its frequent censorship, the difficulty in downloading the video, the low quality of the flash video employed, the terms of use that allows YouTube to do near anything with your video, etc.

The ability to host and manage your own content using free, libre and open source (FLOSS) tools is essential for independent media organisations and non-profits.

Topics and Aims
The aims for the sprint are the following

* Increased communication and collaboration between Python, Zope and Plone developers working in the area of open video technologies.

* Direct improvement of key video technologies and the video feature set available in the Plone CMS so as to increase uptake and improve those sites already implementing Plone video technologies.

* Improved the ease of use, install and set up of Plumi via technical and documentation enhancements, opening it up to a broader set of users and contributors.

* Increased skill set among sprint participants regarding how to implement and develop with the Plumi CMS and for video technologies more generally in the Plone CMS.

* Increase the community of developers working on Plone and video and their effectiveness.

We will be guided by a professional facilitator, Allen Gunn from AspirationTech, to help the group focus on priorities. Broadly we aim to work on the following topic areas:

building a shared roadmap for video on Plone, working on key technical needs such as large file handling, transcoding and bittorrent support, improving support for FOSS video codecs, publishing and viewing content with mobile devices, bug fixing existing video related Plone collective products and improving documentation.

We hope to follow up related work from around the FLOSS video scene - such as Transmission.cc network, Plone4Artists, the recent Open Video Conference in NYC, the annual set of FOMS conferences, and the free documentation work of FLOSSManuals.

We aim to contribute to constructing online spaces where independent media networks can flourish in an open, accessible and transparent way. For our part, EngageMedia will continue work on Plumi - the Plone based video CMS sponsored by us as a FLOSS tool for local communities and activists to use as a democratic online video sharing space.

EngageMedia has a very limited number of travel subsidies to offer to activists and NGO developers based on need. When you contact us, please also let us know if you want to be considered for a travel subsidy, they are going fast.

The Plone Video sprint has limited number of places, and you will need to register, and please indicate how long for the 4 days you can stay. We have a preference for people to stay for the entire 4 days. Please add yourself to the team at http://www.coactivate.org/projects/plone-video-sprint/request-membership and also drop contact@engagemedia.org an email.

 The Plone/Video Sprint is supported by the Open Society Institute

test floss

Update from Drupalists in Wiltshire

so here we are in the sticks, surrounded by old stones and new gadgets, shaping our free video sharing tools to make more simple, usable sense.

We've divided into two working groups - one making 4 key modules work together, including FeedAPI, MediaMover etc.

the other working to improve user interfaces for various work processes..

The three aggregation and publishing sites we are focusing on are
http://www.ifiwatch.tv (D5)
http://www.chalktalk.org (D5)
http://www.rethinkingfinance.org (D6)

some photos on their way.....

Drupal:Mission, April 2009

This weekend in rural Wiltshire, west of England, we will be taking forward the Drupal media aggregation tools which have been being developed through the Transmission network with a test case at http://www.ifiwatch.tv ...

This site can now aggregate media feeds from all kinds of video publishing platforms, moderate and display the items, and then generate new media feeds by tag or search for users to take and do what they will with.

As I understand it, the difference from Miro etc is that by aggregating feeds in a website ('webhub'?), users are not required to install a special software on their computers to access the media (which is not allowed in many web-using contexts such as offices, universities, cyber-cafes), and users will also have a choice (where available) to view low res films online or download high quality versions for screening. Plus this aggregation tool can in future be built into Drupal sites that do not publish video themselves so that non-specialist (campaign, media, education...) projects can suck, moderate and present their own selection of online video from across the web.

The software needs some tweaks though to fulfill this great potential with ease and efficiency, and to be documented throughly so that others can adopt and use it. Which is why we are going to the country...

the wiki for the event is here: http://wiki.transmission.cc/index.php/Drupal_Video_documentation

This is the latest stage in a long, hard process of developing tools to systematically share free media (with a test case focus) on international finance - and we are using the last of the current ifiwatch.tv budget on this mini-sprint.

Sorry we couldn't invite more of you (space, focus and funds are limited), but please do stay in touch using the wiki, and using the #transmission.cc irc channel.

IfIwatch.TV and RethinkingFinance.org Launching in London and Amsterdam

Want to know what's really going on with the financial crisis,
who caused it, and what could be done?

Want to share your ideas, actions, events, stories, analysis?

Want to see the future of free media on the web?

Then come to....

*** the Launch ***

of our innovative, timely and necessary sister sites:

*** http://www.rethinkingfinance.org *** and *** http://www.ifiwatch.tv ***

films, info and website demos, bar and snacks,
news about imminent actions, in depth analyses and the future,
vital information, lovely people... come!

Thursday 26th March, 6.30-9 pm
Horse Hospital
Colonnade, London WC1N 1HX UK

(1 min from from Russell Sq station: left, left and left again)

Plus possible live link up to simultaneous Launch in Amsterdam!

*** http://www.rethinkingfinance.org ***

RethinkingFinance puts forward alternative ideas and analyses of the current financial and economic crises. It collects information and comments on recent and upcoming events, and gives an overview of thinking and activities outside the corporate/government nexus. Rethinking finance is made by several international civil society organisations and individuals that contribute content, plus relevant news from mainstream media and the best informed blogs, keeping it a place of lively debate and up to date information.


IFIWatch.TV presents video on the environment, development, on finance and public investment - documentaries, TV shows, animations, protest reports, feature films, music videos, expert analysis and more - plus feeds of news, blogs and detailed documents.. all about massive, opaque bureaucracies known as 'International Financial Institutions' and what gets done with our money, our neighbours and our planet.

Created on a shoestring using free and open source Drupal content management software (http://www.drupal.org ) these sites are pushing forward the latest online media aggregation tools available to share information freely across the net....

What do you think of them so far?

How can you help do any of this better?

Come along and tell us..

Thursday 26th March, 6.30-9 pm
The Horse Hospital (the Chamber of Pop Culture) http://www.thehorsehospital.com/archives/000040.html
Colonnade, London WC1N 1HX UK
behind Russell Sq stn (left, left and left again),

enquiries to Zoe - at - zoeyoung.net 020 7723 2875 ....

see you there!

Bounty offered for Javascript widget to display video feeds with images

IFIwatch.tv and numerous other video sharing web platforms now offer media RSS complete with thumbnail images, link to video etc. However, as it seems to be impossible for most content management systems to meaningfully display, let alone aggregate, this vibrant and often important information.

We at IFIwatch.TV have a small bit of budget available to pay someone to create piece of javascript that will display the image+descriptions of videos on a 3rd party website. It will be used straightaway in several social/environmental/economic justice websites, and win you eternal gratitude as well as a few quid for the work..

Please do be in touch ASAP if you can do this work, or know someone who can..

many thanks!

eyes - at - ifiwatchnet.org

Transmission is a network of video makers, programmers and web producers developing online video distribution as a tool for social justice and media democracy.