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3月10日、東京高裁で東京「日の丸・君が代」処分取消訴訟(一時訴訟・原告168名、1名が減給、167名が戒告)の控訴審判決が下された。(東京高裁第2民事部 大橋寛明裁判長)
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George Bush is Evil

Back in 2002 the media in the US was afraid to take Bush on. Figure 1.1 said 'FUCK THAT!' and...

Fun With Barcodes

Learn how to make your own supermarket discount cards

Join the Resistance: Fall in Love!

subMedia's interpretation of chapter 'L is for Love' from the CrimeThinc classic, 'Days of Love,...

Why I Love Shoplifting From Big Corporations

Stealing has never been so much fun! Inspired by the writings of CrimethInc and starring Anessa...

George Bush Don't Like Black People

Kanye said it, KO re-mixed it, subMedia hacked it

From the Fry Daddy to your Car

Man or Astroman? bass player, Robert del Bueno, makes diesel out of used grease. Find out how and...

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