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Vx:meeting in Amsterdam 18, 19, 20th Jan 2008


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Programme as pdf

When arriving please remember the opening event is Friday 18th, 18:30 at the Cameleon Theatre. 3E Kostverlorenkade 35D
1054 TS Amsterdam.

Map : Cameleon Theatre

You can call this number from Thursday lunchtime if you get really lost: +31615422770

If you are online; then do come visiting and find out what is going on in the IRC Channel.
irc.freenode.net #transmission.cc

Click here for a quick summary of the sessions and when they are happening.

Please note - you need to register for all workshops - and all workshops are now happening at Ruysdaelstraat, amsterdam - http://squat.net/ruysdael

VX:mission will look at how distribution of Social Justice Video is happening using Free and Open Source technology. It is a chance to find out about existing distribution projects, get feedback for your own projects or ideas, find collaborators and scheme about how best to distribute your video. This is event is associated with the transmission network. For more info check http://transmission.cc

This will happen with 3 days of events. A Show with films, info and discussion on Friday 18th Jan, A day of Geek central hacklab work on the 19th, and a day of public workshops on Sunday 20th Jan. The times: Start 18:00 Fri 18th, End 18:00 Sunday 20th.

The kinds of things we'll discuss and work on are...

  • Open source Video Content Management and transcoding systems
  • Translations and Subtitling tools
  • Help files and Documentation to help people get involved
  • Video Distribution Strategy

This gathering is planned in a association with FlossManuals .net and clearerchannel.org. It has a focus on how we can better document projects and create user-oriented help.

larger flyer / poster for printing

The Amsterdam meeting dates are 18, 19, 20 January 2008 To coincide with the Video Vortex Conference.

Sign up for the event discussion email list here http://lists.transmission.cc/listinfo/vxmission-discuss

If you want to book a place on a workshop or if you have any questions about transport, accommodation etc, please email mickfuzz at rocketmail.com

Registration page Friday is open to all. Saturday is full. Please Contact us to register for the Sunday sessions.


Please join all sessions on IRC - irc.freenode.net #transmission.cc

All times CET: Converter

time location session name
Friday 18th Jan, 18:30 -22:00 Cameleon Theatre, 3E Kostverlorenkade 35D

1054 TS Amsterdam

A chance for Films, short presentations of projects, and workshop sessions to come
Sat 19th, 10:00 http://squat.net/ruysdael Drupal implementation of RSS aggregation, and video publishing
Sat 19th, 11:30 http://squat.net/ruysdael Subtitles proejct - DotSub presentation and tactical collaboration
Sat 19th, 12:30 http://squat.net/ruysdael Floss Manuals session
Sat 19th, 14:00 http://squat.net/ruysdael Giss.tv streaming network presentation
Sat 19th, 15:00 http://squat.net/ruysdael Show in a Box session
Sat 19th, 16:30 http://squat.net/ruysdael Plumi / Plone / Engage media session
Sun 20th, 11:00 http://squat.net/ruysdael Customising Miro Player - visionontv project
Sun 20th, 12:00 http://squat.net/ruysdael Subtitling Video and the Internet
Sun 20th, 13:00 http://squat.net/ruysdael Producing Collaborative DVDs for screenings via the Internet
Sun 20th, 14:00 http://squat.net/ruysdael Break
Sun 20th, 15:00 http://squat.net/ruysdael Network Distribution Services and International Screening Database
Sun 20th, 16:30 http://squat.net/ruysdael video.indymedia.org - planning meeting

Don't help the hoarders! Information wants to be FREE!

How to get involved

The best way to get involved is to sign up for the event discussion email list here http://lists.transmission.cc/listinfo/vxmission-discuss

Introduce yourself and say what part of the programme you are most interested in. There are workshops that you can attend if you think you've got something to learn to teach. Read on for detail.

We also have a 200 capacity venue for our Film and Presentation night. So bring all your friends to that.

vxmission event programme Friday 18th


cameleon theatre
3E Kostverlorenkade 35D
1054 TS Amsterdam


A night of films and ideas from the world of radical social justice video. VX:mission is a working gathering of video activist and open software technology hackers. We are working together to increase the noise of social justice video on the internet and the digital pirate airwaves. Join us on this night as we bring you videos, news from the digital underground and a plan to save us from the corporate digital vacuum cleaners like YouTube.

  • Introductory short Indymedia films
    and summary of Imc-Video situation.
  • Demo of Plumi http://www.engagemedia.org - 10 mins
    and films from EngageMedia
  • Demo of http://ifiwatch.tv and films introduced by Ifiwatch.tv's coordinator, Zoe Young
  • Demo of and Video docs on Floss Manuals and Films from Clearerchannel.org
  • Demo of VisionTV custom Miro player- 10 mins
    and VisononTV films
  • Show in a Box, the Wordpress video blog and films
  • UK Indymedia films and video activist collective Reel2Real

Local collectives are invited to add to the programme; please get in touch

Private Hacklab sessions - Sat 19th Jan

Location: Ruysdaelstraat


Show in a Box s


Plumi / Engage media implementation

Drupal implementation

Subtitle Website presentation

Giss.tv session

These hacklab sessions are in a very restricted space. There is only room for 10 people. We imagine these will be invited by the people giving the workshops. However if you want to attend please introduce yourself on the vx-mailing list.

Public Workshops- Sun 20th Jan

Please register for these workshops - email mickfuzz @ rocketmail.com


Collaborative Social Justice Web 2 DVD projects

Subtitle Website for Social Justice films

Screening Database and online distribution

Customising Miro Player and distributing it

Imc-video development and direction


Each workshop will begin with one or more presentations of current projects.

Drupal as a Video Distribution platform: Saturday Hacklab session

Co-ordinators Mick Fuzz, Zoe Young, Mark b (tbc)

Looking at Film Forge and ifiwatch.tv as examples. Pros and Cons of Drupal

Aggregation : http://ifiwatch.tv

IFIWatch.TV exists to aggregate independent media on the International Financial Institutions - that is, on the World Bank, IMF and Regional Development Banks. This video portal has lately been redesigned to suck relevant feeds from online video publishing websites, display appropriate content and enable users to create their own feeds from the results of searches for video that interests them. To reach its full potential as a new model 'node' in emerging independent media networks, the system will require more and more feeds to feature standardised video metadata, so that content management systems can automatically sort and present video information in ways that make it easier for humans to find the media they want. The Transmission Metadata Standard is now ready to implement, and we will be promoting this to all who wish to facilitate more effective exchange of online video.

Video Upload and distribution : http://wiki.koumbit.net/FilmForge/

FilmForge is a distribution (or profile) of the Free/Libre Open Source Softare content management system Drupal, tailored to the needs of videomaking communities. FilmForge makes it simple to install and run your own video sharing site.

Video Documentation / Flossmanuals : Saturday Hacklab session

co-ordinator Adam Hyde

Presentation Floss manuals system and new Video related docs on Flossmanuals and Suitcasemanuals.net

In this session we'll be looking at Floss manuals system, new video distribution documentation and other relevant work. FLOSS Manuals provides quality free manuals about how to use free software.

There are new manuals on Video Encoding, Video Distribution and DVD and subtitle creation. We hope that this can be useful for the Video activist and independent video production community.

Show in a Box : Saturday Hacklab session

Co-ordinators: Jay Dedman and Ryanne Hodson (from http://ryanishungry.com)

Presentation: Show-In-A-Box, Word Press video distribution system

Many video creators are shy of the web since they want to make sure their work looks good online.
Being artists ourselves, we know that presentation is very important.
Being media activists, we also know that using open source tools and sane copyrights are also important.

WordPress is a fantastic blogging tool and we’ve been using it to run videoblogs for a few years now. Over time we’ve begun to develop and use some tools that make WordPress better suited for video. Show-In-A-Box was created to bring these all together and create the ultimate videoblogging platform.


We are making custom WP plugins to better manipulate video. We are also making beautiful, original themes that better showcase video. We have video tutorials and a strong community to help guide newbies to creating their own videoblog to document the world around us.

We'll show lots of awesome examples of what online video can look like using free and open tools.

Customising Miro Player: Sunday am

Co-ordinator: Richard Visionontv

Presentation: Transmission branded Miro player (Richard), and Visionontv customised Miro player (tbc)

Collectives are changing the Miro player so that they can offer a download of the player with their own channels, search features and other features added.

We'll look at how this is done and what it means to video networks.

Subtitling Video and the Internet : Sunday pm

Co-ordinator Harcesz

Presentations Proposal for a new subtitle website, Subtitle workflow for creating DVDs

This session will look at some of the issues and opportunities facing film makers who can use the Internet to co-ordinate, create and distribute subtitle for their films.

  • Specifically this session will look at plans for an open source DotSub type library website for for social justice films.
  • Outlining a workflow for creating a multilingual DVD via online collaboration.

Video.indymedia.org : Sunday pm

Co-ordinator Clara

Presentation What is the current situation with imc-video site.

A discussion bring people up to date with developments concerning a global indymedia video site. The aims would be to search across video feeds created by regional IMCs and provide a space to upload video .

There is a wiki page on this subject on the global indymedia wiki


Co-ordinator tati

Presentation giss tv

giss.tv is an independent voluntary platform for sharing streaming resources between different groups. It was born after the piksel
festival and has been evolving since then aroudn our empathic networks.

Is a ring of icecast2-kh servers that allows automatic forwarding when the main servers are full of clients.
also provides a web interfaceto open a mountpoint and create a landing webpage for your channel, with chat, information for next scheduled streams, etc.

it started between several admins from servers that had an icecast and wants to be a way of sharing resources, as the streams can reach peaks but the streaming servers usually have more power than they need (until they need 20 times their power!).

We are working closely with the icecast developers in the kh branch, that allows automatic relay forwarding.
Icecast version: Icecast 2.3-kh18c from: http://www.icecast.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/

We are being used by many small radios, and some more commercial ones, but the idea is to serve free content streams.

We are still in
development and have some big questions to answer, like:
* How can we provide admin tools or sharing options to the adins of theservers?
* How can we really protect the anonimity of the streamers? (icecast
serves the IPs - specially asked by indymedia)
* How can we link the users with the streams they might like? (working
currently in rss feeds, and yellow pages stuff.
* How can we clean the server of commercial music, when our own groups use it as part of their material? (how can you convince apunk radio that the clash is not punk enough for us? is it needed?)

Please do follow the discussion on irc if you can't make it in person. irc.freenode.net #transmission.cc


Producing Collaborative DVDs for screenings via the Internet : Sunday am

Co-ordinator Mick Fuzz

How can we create DVDs in a Decentralised way. Is there a demand for a European wide DVD of social justice events to be used for screenings.

Past projects RuffCuts and the indymedia ENR have looked a decentralised way of creating CDroms and VHSs for screening at public venues. Broadband technology opens the door for a new level of collaboration. Broadcast quality Video files can be exchanged and on-line translation tools used to create and distribute multilingual DVDs.

We look at the question, are there existing networks of Video producers who can benefit from these technology and explore possible future projects and how can they work together.

Network Distribution Services and International Screening Database : Sunday pm

Co-ordinators Simon Worthington, Laura Oldenbourg and Merijn Oudenampsen

Presentation Mute Agents site

Existing distributors consistently fail the cultural sector and have not taken sufficient advantage of the Web for e-commerce and social networking. The mission of NDS is to provide an alternative. Using the Web's ability to help people share information and collaborate, it enables the global promotion, sales and fulfillment of goods, improving cultural producers' sustainability and visibility at national and international level.

The system works by creating a global web of locally-inputted information, ranging from producers and agents to outlets and goods.

Two core barriers to the creation of a global market place for independent cultural products are high freight costs and a parity of goods' prices. We are tackling these through systems we (and others) call 'Community Couriering' (CC) and Peer-to-Peer E-commerce (P2P EC). With CC, people carry goods for less than commercial couriers' rates (when they are taking certain routes for other purposes already); with P2P EC, producers and buyers negotiate prices to index them to the purchasing power in the relevant region rather than via a straight currency conversion (this is known as Purchasing Power Parity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purchasing_power_parity ).

See: dev site http://agents.metamute.org and our work area http://3d.openmute.org

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audio and rough notes from the meetings

can be found [http://wiki.transmission.cc/index.php/Amsterdam%2C_January_2008 here]