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Seeking new partner(s) for Drupal Media Aggregation

Greetings Transmitters

It's been quiet on some of the technical front over the (british) summer - preferring to be out in the wildness, sun, rain and wind and mud..... but now I for one am back in town - for a bit anyway. so the ongoing work in this 'ere online 'field' deserves a little recounting here.

Finn from Ecobee, plus Peter Chowla, Hadiru Mahdi and I met lately at Bretton Woods Project offices. we noted that

* the Drupal aggregation and media sharing tools we created for IFIwatch.TV, RethinkingFinance.org and ChalkTalk! are basically working well.

* having a good looking website that is updated automatically with new material from partners is a wonderful thing,

* the networks we are part of definitely need more of this kind of thing..

* we would like to carry on our work in this general direction

we do not however have a lot of

* capacity in our networks for the kind of work now needed to improve user-interface etc

* active participation from partners adding content and moderating feeds

* returning audience, or idea what might make more of the existing audience return

* engagement on the sites eg with comments, discussion etc.

* time, energy or money to make the required improvements happen

* understanding how best to use yahoo Pipes or other (OS?) tools systematically and hence effectively to filter media and other feeds for relevance.

so, we reviewed some developments that could be adopted, eg

* turning around the registration process so that users are first offered the opportunity to (comment, add material, whatever) and only then invited to register

* using the new 'helpinject' module to add help (text, video, whatever) at the point of need

* creating simpler, cleaner forms,

* using a crawler to fetch metadata from an existing online resource just by pasting an url

* using a widget to transform social bookmarks created in other platforms into a feed that can be sucked..

* general improvements in user interface promised for Drupal 7

* exploring potential of income from ads eg using Ethical Junction

and decided that BWP would recruit a young whizzkid intern who would work (from home, or with me) on a larger scale funding application, to pay for (inter alia)

* oversight and co-ordination of continued development and implementation of these tools

* technical development in response to current needs and future user feedback

* work on the user interface for content presentation, addition and admin

* editorial moderation over the coming years.

so, in short, we are going to push ahead as best we can because this work is *very much* needed for the IFIwatching community (working on the global justice aspects of the financial crisis, plus reforming the environmental, social and other failures of international public investment), as well as countless other projects who can share in any gains we make in the function and usability of free media sharing software.

we are not attached to any prospective funding flowing through BWP, nor to the technical oversight work being done by BWP (which has a policy focus and whose office is now too full anyway for any more staff) .. and we would be very happy to collaborate with other friendly organisations and/or networks who may be in a position to raise/channel/share any funds for relevant technical development - and perhaps to oversee that side of the work.

the job description for the techy 'whizzkid' we would like to hire (as a volunteer in the first instance) can be seen here

please note that the deadline has now been extended for a short period, so please send any recommendations/applications for the role as soon as possible. This is a very 'live' progressive tech project with real world impacts already and enormous potential for more, it's very much not 'dreamware' and if you're bright, experienced, connected and keen to push these particular boundaries, we'd love to have you on board..